Fundraising Bitcoin by Bit


Few years ago I was in the boardroom of a renowned international nonprofit organisation in Johannesburg for an interview. I was asked to suggest an innovative fundraising campaign and I proposed raising digital currency as a new strategy. I did not get the job.

Based on values or achievements, the word ‘success’ holds different meanings to different people and organisations. And, as we know it, values are at the heart of charity and nonprofit operations.

Nonprofit organisations’ visions and goals are to meet the needs of their beneficiaries beyond personal aspirations. This is a motive that strives to keep community benefit as a priority at all times.

However, with the recent global economic meltdown and consequently the declining donor funding, the need to secure resources for the sustainability of the organisation has become imperative.


Civil society organisations or institution’s impact in the near future and how they realise their vision is intertwined with the ability or the extent to which they have...