Lack of Donor Funding: NPOs Vs Mandates

Lack of Donor Funding: Do NPOs Implement Projects that Contradict their Mandates for the Sake of Funding?


The NGO Sector in South Africa is realising a crisis of Funding. Organisations find themselves in difficult situations of trying to survive. Some Funding Opportunities and / or Funders contradicts the mandates and objectives of the Organisation. We are therefore asking, do NPO”s implement Projects that contradicts their mandates for the sake of funding.

Lack of Transparency, Accountability and Corruption

Lack of Transparency, Accountability and Corruption - Influence on Qualified Audits for Most NPOs


NGO's depend on Funding and their continued funding depends on their ability to get their funding in order. The challenge is that most NPO are not able to get their finances in order. We are therefore asking, what really influences the qualified audits by most NPOs. Is it Lack of Transparency, Accountability and Corruption

Should Government Monitor NGOs Activities

Is there a Need for Government to Monitor How NPOs Utilise and Account for Donor Funding


The survival of NGOs is dependent on Donor Funding, both locally and internationally. Most NPOs do not account for donor funding. We are therefore asking, is there a need for Government to monitor how NPOs utilise and account for Donor funding.

De-registration of NPOs: Who is to Blame?

De-registration of NPOs: Who is to Blame – Government or NPO Sector?


NGO's are getting registered with the Department of Social Development on daily basis and at the very same time, a number of them are getting de-registered due to non -compliance. Organisations do not submit annual reports as expected by the ACT and therefore are not compliant, we are therefore asking, who is to be blamed for the deregistration of NGO”s.